Monday, January 3, 2011

Blue Monday

This Monday feels so blue to me, I don't know how to quite explain it but I am blue. New Year's was wonderful there was a bit of a snag which rippled into my new year but I am working to overcome it. At least an article came out of it which I will be putting up at my website as soon as I pull it together. 

Last year was an interesting year for me, so many things happened. Many ends and at the entrance of this year I had another end. There has to be a point in your life when you cut leeches off. You know the things that can suck the life out of you or drain your energy. Most people associate endings with negative energy and anger. But I am a strong believer that it shouldn't be that way. I am glad to arrive at a place where I can let go now of that which is not a blessing, and do it with peace.
In this new year I have also made some steps, I will be deleting this blog at some point and you will be able to find Grace And Space To Grow at a website. I will return to my old blog home which has years of yumminess and is a collector of sorts. The King's Wise Woman will also have a permanent home of her own. But that all will be organized this month and fully functional by February.

I want to wish you blessings this year and that you as well will allow for ends and beginnings. That you will continue to allow G-d to direct your path. And that in it you will allow for change and growth.

I am off to make some bread, have some tea and see if I can shake this blue off and get to work. Or maybe let myself be blue for a bit and seek my comfort in his sweet word.

Grace and Space to you,


  1. Ah, fresh bread...can't that warm up anyone's mood?

    I love your post on endings with peace. I am starting my New Year, by acknowledging those things that I let go of last year...maybe not peacefully then...but now, I can.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments, yes bread can do alot!! Warm with tea, yummy. It feels great to be at a place of acknowledging that we may need moments to do that and that letting go is a process. It is such a blessing, may 2011 bring blessing and many new memories.



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