Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just thinking........

I am here at my desk procrastinating in organizing my office/room/art space. It's raining outside and I opened my window just to hear what's going on. 

The sound is ever so soft and gentle.It is something beautifully hopeful about knowing that Abba is nourishing the land. What a deep the providence of it. I pray for that rain in my life. Sometimes we need torrential rains because we are really parched. But sometimes what we need is a gentle wash, a tender touch. 

I have been busy lately, the kind of busy that I love but also quite not yet done to share all. But I am loving the direction HaShem has been taking me in. Answer to many prayers and years of crying out for wisdom and direction. The most powerful lesson for me is that somethings are sit and wait, somethings are like what Oswald Chambers said, "Trust G-d and do the next thing."

Sometimes that next thing are the dishes, sometimes the next thing is organizing and getting ready. It is like the concept of exercising, just keep moving. That is what I have noticed and observed. 

Many things are developing for me personally and my joy is beyond words. There has been letting go and embracing. 

I have also noticed that we must keep in mind the areas of our lives and the seasons. My season now is different as my children are teens and I can feel the shift has taken place. Now the time for sharing, mentoring, teaching others, reaching out has come. I love the natural flow of HaShem's purpose for each life. Sometimes we are in such a rush and trying to eat the elephant whole. But that should not be our practice.Seeing and embracing life one step at a time, one season at a time. The thing that is before you. It is amazing how beautiful life is. It is like a melody, a fine piece of symphony that when played together each instrument at it's proper time it will blow your mind away.

So I have said much and nothing...... lol Sorry! There is much going on but I promise I will tell and share. There are also some blog changes and merging, focusing, purposed goodness.

So girly's I will talk to you soon again.

This week coming in is going to be a bit busy much to be done. I will post when I can.

Much Love
Grace and Space 2 you

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