Sunday, August 29, 2010

So much to tell

Let's start with words, shall we?

The sweet smell of grass
A source of water near by
Building momentum
Summer days are to close away
Love growing.maturing like fine wine
Doing the work.....
All one day at a time...
What comes.....
What's mine......
All in it's proper season
All at it appointed time...
My arms are wide open
My heart open wide
Facing the day and letting twilight have it's place

By Angelique

Well my dreads are gone, you may want something but it may not be for you.
My head became very flaky a problem which already occurs when my hair is long. The reality of flakes in my dreads, umm not for me! So I accepted and let go. I am super short again and my scalp is happy.

My hair is about what works for me, although I cover and always will, in the privacy of my home I'm not covered. So my "look" still matters. Lol

I have been busy, but I will save that for tomorrow or the day after. I need to go to bed right night. I just wanted to lay some lines down.


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