Saturday, June 12, 2010

So, What have I been upto????

So where have I been???? 

 Getting my end of year homeschooling business going. No matter what the deal there is always this ever so small freak out moments, don't ask me why they just happen. But that is done and gone everyone has finished their year. Baruch HaShem!!!

 I have also been preparing for a Mix-Media Art class I will be teaching this summer at the Schrieber Pediatrics summer camp. I am super excited and nervous which always happens with a teaching gig. The feeling of insufficiency always peeks it's little head. But fear must be worked through and preparations made. But in the end my desire to be an instrument shuts me up and let's me get down to business.

Spent some  beautiful time with my soul sista and her possey. What more do you want than to hang out with Wise Women???? We had a hoot, played with soil and watched the veggies be transplanted into their home. Kindred spirits, when you find them you must hold on to them!!! Wait, given they also hold on to you!!! Should we be so lucky to find a hand full of soul sista's.  For me they have been so few, I cherish what I have!!!

 Had coffee at the B&N with a buddy of mine it never fails that we talk deeply and strongly, but always with a high respect.

Last but not least, due to finances that are scratching the barrel I was only able to get some soil to put my plants in. So this year I am making soil mounds and planting. With HaShem's help maybe next year I will be able to re-do my boxes. For now ingenuity will have to do!!!

So in essence that is what I have been doing, chunking away at my herbal course, having freak out moments when I start to wonder if anything is moving forward??? Then I have the support of Wise Women with whom I get to be real with and they in turn give it to me real!!! Again I am a lucky gal!!! What we have done is made a commitment to each other and chose a day in which we would connect, either by skype or telephone. Relationship doesn't happen by osmosis. You reap what you sow. These sista's dig and understand the direction I am headed in and we are there for each other, to remind, to console, to give the nudge. We are here. I am blessed. They are what Julia Cameron calls believing mirrors the people that have your back. And I have theirs. We must nurture the relationships HaShem grants us and take care. I have learned to be with others as I desire them to be with me. I treasure their trust and confidence, they are my soul sista's. We understand each other and have and understanding. These things are very difficult to find, so be thankful if you have any!!!

I hope to post more soon as I get my mojo going!!!
This week I will be working on a glycerite video for my herbal blog now that the craziness is over. 

Love and Shalom

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