Friday, June 25, 2010

The Homemaker's Mentor

Join the HomeMaker's Mentor

I don't think I have ever posted about the HomeMaker's Mentor Society. Shameful, I know. Well let me tell you about it. It is possibly the most fabulous idea. For many years I longed for a mentor in the domestic arts. Now, nothing replaces human contact but some of us just don't have the grandmothers or mothers around to teach us or they may not even know themselves. But Martha from MarmeeDear&Co. has created a beautiful and safe place to learn things like crocheting, canning, sewing pillows, ironing board covers. I mean the lessons are easy, really. There is a membership fee that you can pay at once or monthly and you will go to a page and load up the pdf for the month. You also have the support on the ladies in the forum where you can ask questions about the lessons or other Homemaker related questions. Not far back a question about blenders was posted, and many responded with there opinions and experiences. So there is support on that level. 
Community super important.
As one of the lessons I crocheted an edge on a handkerchief. Why is this a big deal? Because I usually need to see it done or like to at least. But the directions where so easy I was able to figure it out. Now I confess I did make just one. Crocheting is not a big interest to me. But I did it. I also used her apple pie filling recipe which was delicious and also her pie crust recipe. 

It's insane all the cool lessons she has had, which by the way you can purchase last years and the year before already bound. It is great to do with daughters also it doubles as a Home Ec. course. But super better, the graphics give it that homey style with the old fashion spirit. I have to say over and over for $3.97 a month trust me you can't go wrong. Once you have printed out the lessons for the year you can bind it into a book.

 So, what is to be said?- I HIGHLY recommend it. We will be using it this year heavily to help us hit different areas of homemaking. You may not want to crochet the edge of a handkerchief but at least you have done it once, but it may turn out that you like doing it and and well there you are.

I realize this sounds like a shpeal but really it isn't. It is one of the best resources I use and it would be awful of me not to share it or mention it.

So head over there by clicking on the above link and check it out for yourself. I am positively sure you won't be disappointed.

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