Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Allow me to clarify...

I received a comment on my last post. I am going to be honest, I skimmed through it and appreciate the time and effort the person put into writing it. May HaShem bless you.
I have no desire to publish it but I will say something about my last post.
The post described my stance in my walk. Or where I am at and what I believe. The privilege of having a blog is to be able to share and state what one is so inclined because of where we are at.
I for one have no desire to divorce Torah from it's culture and people, to state it simply. It is just what I believe and what I have come to through my own studies. I rarely get into this on my blog because frankly it's an over cooked topic and everybody has an opinion. As the saying goes- two Jews, three opinions. Lol 

We all have the particular journey we are on. I am not sure of the obsession with constantly trying to enlighten each other, but I have a high respect for every one's journey. I am more interested in knowing- what your doing with all your Torah knowledge? If in our desire to be "set apart", what you believe has no effect in the world, filling it with emuna(faith) and love then what is the point? What I see is a lot of is people becoming even more secluded and "set apart" and creating their communities in a small bubble, absolutely ignorant to all the challenges we are facing and the
world we live in is enduring. Or maybe not ignorant- sometimes we are overdosing on the not getting contaminated thing and we lock ourselves away.So, I have no desire to knock or belittle another person's place to make my own way seem like "truth"and myself most "set apart". And if in anyway it may seem so, trust me it's not. But I will not sit here and act like it's not complicated -as if there aren't complexities. 

We are all doing the best we can with the revelation we have been given. I won't fill this post with bible verses because that's slinging it to me.( Been there, done that and have the t-shirt to prove it) And from what I have seen even crazy ideas have been backed by scripture! It's all in where we are at and what we have been called to!
So you may not agree with where I am at and I may not agree with you! Let's move on and feed the poor cause their hungry!

I wish I was more articulate, but I don't have fancy words. And frankly not interested in them either. And don't mistake this for a "I am all gray and there is no black and white" That is not me! I am saying it goes from black to gray to white. And we would do well to walk in wisdom and be mindful.

And this is not about being a coward, although I don't like confrontation (as a Hispanic they always seem like fightin words to me!LOL) I can defend myself and my beliefs but I don't have time for holier than thou conversations. I want to live the Torah and be faithful to what he has given me. And working that out and figuring it out takes up my time. So you see I'm busy! LOL

I am amazed at what happens when we do get revelation of Torah.We can sometimes continue to fragment each other creating even more division. I'm not sure I understand? What was meant to unify a people who are willing to make the G-d of Israel both native and foreign their G-D has turned into.... Well..... Who has the right...who can get to the deepest meaning.....who knows the original language....who is free...who is bound..... Who is getting the "truth"....who is deceived... what calender is the "ONE"......wow

I could go on because Judaism has ideas and Christianity has ideas- and Messianic's well. I don't even wanna go there! I have heard some people agree with the messi part! And sometimes we look like that. ;(

I agree to a degree with all and often enough spiritual pride and arrogance are at the forefront! Covered with the topping of -'pursuit of "truth". 

Ahh, I want to say so much but....... I just have had enough of .......... Well  "we are not of the world", BUT we live in IT. And I am more concerned that you would live rightly for the sake of your love for Him, and in that you would be doing mitzvot and chesed rather than exclude ourselves in the name of being "set apart". Wow, that word is over used!
Please I don't mean to offend or insult. I wish you could see what I have seen then you would understand why my heart is so!
I can state the things this way because I have lived it and experience gives me the right of way! I have lived and subscribed to many things. I no longer ask why those who don't know, don't want any part.

I am both sorrowful and broken about it.
So many things in the name of "holiness" and "truth". By people who say they are His children! When you first came to Torah you swore what you knew before was "truth", and had a ton of bible verses to back it up. And now what? Now we would do well to be humble and know that each must journey for themselves and in the end Abba will set us right, all sides of the fancy fence.

But until then I will continue my course and you yours. And let's figure out what we agree on and work at that.
And if by any chance I am too......contaminated.....in the way of error........legalistic........have landed in Babylon!!!.....blind......sleeping and anything else you can think of! LOL

I release you to not associate with me for your conscious sake!!!
But I love ya anyway and send the love........

Yes, I am being a little smarty pants.....all in good humor!! ;)

With deep love and respect

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  1. I like it when you are a little smarty pants. It makes me laugh. :)



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