Friday, April 16, 2010

A Thought of Shalom For Shabbat

The skies are gray here in PA. It's raining gently, we have enjoyed sunny days lately with just a hint of chill. I love those days, they are sweater days. But today, now it's windy and gray.
Isn't it like that some times? Or we can be in a season of change and the times are looking bright, and then the gray rain. 

It's hard to re-adjust to something so sudden! But it must rain, new growth needs water, new growth needs a moment to nurture itself and continue to gain strength.
We are the same in our lives, it almost seems like a competition between sun and rain in some seasons. 

But find comfort for HaShem knows you need some rain. It is part of the process, of growth, of living. And surely as the sun rises and HaShem sits enthroned, This too shall pass.
So before we get all bent out of shape, like my husband says. Remember we need the rain. Let's remind each other we need the rain. And know that you are being nourished by the living water.

I send you Shabbat....... Love .......... XOXOXOXO

I am now sitting toward the front of my house and lo and behold the sun!!

1 comment:

  1. What a sweet reminder: "...nourished by the living water." That sounds glorious in its simplicity!
    Blessings, Kim


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