Friday, February 5, 2010

Letting GO!!!!

As Shabbat aproaches today I am thinking about flow. I have always strove for a schedule for order for a better way. There is always a better way, and what ever is, is never enough. Never enough, I think these words are talking about value. As I have struggled in these last couple of months to keep it together when I have felt my strength wane and escape me like a river taking it's course. I have been on the opposite side of the road, a place where I have no choice but to cease from my striving. Accept what is and let go.Let go because I can't hold it and control everything, let go because I am tired. I have had to relinquish control and just BE. Be at a place of Grace and Space! Give myself time to feel, to deal, a time
to heal.

Have you given yourself that time??? That Grace and Space! And as I ponder the REST I am to enter this evening I long to truly REST. I long to release and let go. I can't do it and honestly I am not good at it all. And that is okay.

I am open to surprises, I am open Abba I am open.
What do you do when you can no longer push? Or carry? Or hold it in?

You let go, you let G-D!

What have you not grieved? What have you not let yourself feel?

Let go, let G-D!

Does this mean you will wake up tomorrow and it will be gone, NO sorry it's not like that. Letting go and letting G-D does not mean that you don't have to engage. But engaging and controlling two different things.

Will you join me? I am learning myself to let go, to let out!!! To BE.

Would you share in the comment box how you have let go? Let G-D??

What has it been like for you???

Has it felt like the death of dreams? Or like your giving up??

Please share your story, I am interested in learning and knowing.


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