Friday, September 25, 2009

Ministering To My Heart

Beth Moore's bible studies were one of the first "Bible Studies" I had ever been to. A woman I met and don't even remember how now invited me to a bible study. And so, had begun I think a series of 3 of her bible studies that I attended in someone's home. That was new for me although I had grown up in church and been a believer for years. I thought then and still think now that she is a very awesome and gifted teacher. But a resurgence has come about like full circle. More recently in one of my " I can't sleep modes" I turned on the Tv and lo and behold there she is on Life Today. I don't watch Life Today but I caught it during her teaching session. I can't begin to tell how much I cried and am still crying. Well I found that I can watch her online and the series she is teaching now is so true. I would recommend it to anyone who knows what burnout is. Or who is presently living in the land of burnout. It is not just your imagination. I hope HaShem blesses you as you watch. Try to watch the series of this particular teaching.


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  1. Angelique.....I love B. Moore's Bible studies as well! Having been a devoted Precepts student, I finally stumbled on Beth...and WHAT a blessing she is. Humble, vulnerable and so gifted with words-God uses her greatly! I would recommend Breaking Free and Believing God for EVERY believer, especially new Christians. But everything I have done by her is really a blessing.


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