Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Great I AM

You surprise me and I am awed by you

I thought I wanted to know

I thought I wanted all the clues

As your Torah opens up

The letters have dimensions

I thought I wanted to know it all

But now for today I am contented

With this knowing comes accountability

With those I come in touch with ,

What a responsibility!

I am humbled that you chose me

But now I know the secret untold

That you are the great I AM, the one of


How do we suppose to have it all figured out

What? A mortal man, come on now.

I am glad for the reality check

Where I understand that there is a profound depth

To be discovered by degrees

Open our eyes so that we could see

That you are from all eternity.

Both light and darkness

Both deep and shallow

How sweet is the one

From who all creation derives it’s value.


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