Thursday, August 27, 2009

And at the water again we were yesterday. I don't think we can resist!!! But this time I couldn't go in and that was fine. I had a chance to watch, the kids play and spend time with their aunt and cousin. I watched the people walk by and how uniquely different we are. I watched the ocean and have this feeling it was also watching me. Sometimes it went out of it's way to touch me, but it knows it's boundaries!!!! Thank you Abba that you command all things. I couldn't help admiring the beautiful color of skin that the sun kissed probably more than one time.LOL It is a beautiful bronze or sometimes golden honey. I took more pics but they are on my sister's camera. I am still yearning for a camera, but now have a hankering for a 35mm. I am going vintage it took me a bit to figure how I would get those pics on my blog. But I am willing to pay to get them developed and into a cd. Anyhoo as soon as I get the pics from her I will share. We caught the most beautiful sunset and I was able to get pics of ocean that captured how cool even a little wave can be. I also had the chance to talk with a couple who frequent that beach and they were uber cool. We talked pretty deep for such a crossing of path's but that's G-d's beauty.I want to share a little writing from yesterday. I couldn't help it I was feeling my blood.

Brown Skin

Brown skin how beautiful
Born from the sun
Brown skin the color of my ancestors
I am a Boriqua, not born and raised but Blood and Soul
My great-grandmother cut her chicken in the shed
The Taino blood runs through my veins
Mixed with the Spaniard in me and who knows what else
En mi alma el ritmo alde
(In my soul the rhythm burns)
Sea blue-green in the land of my memories
I can still here the music playing salsa and merengue
Unique is the smell of Island sea
Puerto Rico I can hear you calling me
I contemplate the sea here in Delaware
The Sea
That for centuries brought hopes and promises
Of taking you where you have never been
Or maybe like me taking you to the root
of the tree.

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  1. Wow, you did a beautiful pretty, love the new look!
    Hope you are well!

    Take Care,


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