Monday, July 6, 2009

Soon a plentiful harvest to come

Soon it will be time. This is my first year growing so much I started out with herbs which I love growing and the last 2 years vegetables. We have harvested 3 zucchini's so far and 1 yellow squash. Our excitement is can not be contained!!! Right now in my kitchen my daughter and niece are making zucchini muffins, cherry muffins and chocolate & Butterscotch chip. If you have read my daughters blog
you know we went cherry picking and she is using the leftover for the muffins. One of the things I realized about gardening and or picking is that you must be ready for the harvest otherwise that would be waste. I realize waste is part of taking things for granted and not having a healthy respect for things. If you don't think you will be able to handle it don't plant it otherwise gather up the sisters and get preserving. Or another venue is to donate and give away to anyone who is willing to come collect. But waste is no longer an option.

My plan of action for my harvest is the following Using "The Busy Person's Guide to Preserving Food" by Janet Chadwick

Cucumber- To be harvested when it is 4-6 inches and 1 1/2 inch in diameter
Pickled- Quick dill pickles pg-121(Things needed-canning jars, pickling salt, peppercorns, dill heads) makes 3 qt.

Tomatoes-To be harvested when ripe- Roma, cherry, beefsteak,Siberian
Dried-pg-81 and then process some into oil pg-82
Canned Puree-pg-79
Possibly Salsa(not sure yet)

Squash- Zucchini-To be harvested when it is 6-10 inches, Yellow- 5-7 inches
In food
Zucchini chips- pg 77- Going to figure out what types of seasonings I would like to add.

Peppers- Harvest when ripe
In salads and food
Dried in dices-pg-75

I am very excited and learning to think ahead and prepare. I am very aware that when it comes in it comes in. We do enjoy gardening and find it very rewarding. Flowers are beginning to bloom and vines to wrap around it is wonderful to see it growing. I am honored to witness this process and also see the delight when we use what we have. I hope this post encourages you to get some stuff growing I do it in my little front lawn sometimes you need to start with what you have.

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