Monday, July 27, 2009

Being Artful and mindful

As you engage in living artfully what do you bring to the table? What table? That of your home. We seek all over the world to belong to a vision, to identify with someone or something. But right under your nose HaShem has given you an arena in which to live this out.. I have in this last year of my life encountered another piece of myself, ART. It is an expression that speaks to my soul. But within this beautiful world of mixed media art and writing there is a lot about finding you. For what???? What is the purpose? Are we not seeking for our authentic selves in order to give ourselves more wholly to the ones we love? The artful blogs I love the most are the ones that are using there art to beautify there lives. Where there family is not left behind and wondering if they have lost Mother in her studio.

I have struggled greatly with the ideas in which an artful life is presented and my own values. And for me trained to think all or nothing it has been challenging. I believe in the journey of self discovery, many of us have been numbed and or bound. But I do not disconnect the method from the source. I am inspired by Artful living because I believe G-d gave us all this beauty to enjoy. I believe that this life is an adventure in which we are led by the hand to dance with our heavenly Abba. I don't want to miss a color or a smell . I want what ever form my art takes to express all that is lovely in this world or in my world. So I encourage that in your seeking for your authentic self you consider the purpose. And "To be true to oneself" we do this in order that we may love more fully and give more wholly to all those lives we are privileged to touch. So in your journey do not get lost and remember the truth of the journey is to find Him in you and you in Him.

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  1. I like your cards on the theme of TRUTH. I make handmade cards and enjoy seeing other people's card/ creative/art ideas.

    You have some good articles on being a homemaker. Sadly our culture today is so far from the Lord's original purpose for the family.


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