Thursday, February 12, 2009

On the mend

I am on the mend. I spent my birthday in bed with a fever, 3 days of utter pain and fever. But that is over and I am working on my winter blues with a sun therapy lamp and some other measures. It has been quit difficult this year but slowly I am recovering. Did I mention slowly!!!
I must get back to my studies and much reading to catch up on. Spring is around the corner and I have yet to buy some soil to start my seedlings I can hardly wait!!!!
I spent my day yesterday organizing our library, to my families dismay I like moving furniture around and so my books are part of the saga. But I am proud to announce that all books are orderly and easily found. We have Bible, history,english,math, homeschooling,womanhood & motherhood,science, crafts, cookbooks, gardening, herbs and health. And then the notorious miscl. which I left in the basement. Then I organized my craft area, I could not create when things were in such disarray.

This is my project list yet to be completed;

1-Sew curtains for kitchen- Thank goodness I already have the fabric washed and ready to ironed. I want to make some for the dining room.
2-Sew some heart pillows, sachets and make a banner.
3-Organize sewing closet and create a sewing basket.
4-Organize my bills into a system, they seem to always wind up all over the place. I might just make a canvas organizer.
5-Start seedlings, clean out garden, order compost and add a theme to the garden.

I think that's it so far!!!! But that is basically were I am at.
I hope your enjoying these last weeks of winter. ( I am not but some people do like winter, I need sun)

Shalom Lady Lavender

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