Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My baby is 12!! Time goes so quickly

Okay I just want to CRY!!! My used to be little boy, is not little he is 12, 12 can you believe it?? Excuse the immodesty! So he was blessed with his wish an xbox360 he cried. I am happy that he cried versus the thought that it is owed to him to receive such a costly thing. It is not everyday. As I have observed today I am taken by the fact that next year he will be Bar Mitzvah " A Son of Commandments" He continues to improve on his hebrew reading and studies. I am proud of him and the choice he has made to stand for HaShem (G-d). I pray that he would be a prosperous son of the covenant. May his first and last desire be to live for the King. And may he spend his life, establishing the Kingdom on this earth. B'ezrat HaShem (G-d willing).
So here it goes and I pray as a mother that the years that follow will be full of wonder and growth, I love you my SON.

Lady Lavender

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