Monday, January 19, 2009

I should be studying or cooking

I decided to for this moment blog! I should be studying, I want to be studying. But I feel a little tired. I don't know if it's the weather or maybe that I am sitting in a dark room with just computer light. Wait, no beside me are my patio doors. I do have to admit it is beautiful the way the snow ever so softly covers the branches. The grays and soft blues are relaxing. Lately it has been quite challenging to keep myself productive. I have been productive creatively but I hear the million other things that need my attention calling my name. Curtains to sew, school work to check, reading to be done, a floor to be mopped, a closet to be organized. But I could go to bed right now!!! Or work on a journal page or jewelry. Okay in between this post my son and I cooked dinner. So I am over myself and must move on. Tomorrow is baking day, bread is to be made, pancakes and muffins. I shall return to my work at hand which is transferring my notes into to ms for my progressive review that is coming up.

Hopefully tonight I will take some pics of my journal and my new pieces of jewelry. So I'll be back, hopefully!!! If I don't decide to go to bed early.

Lady Lavender

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