Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Canning the stuff we picked

As soon as we came home from our pickin we began the process of preparing the berries for jam and the peaches to can. It was super easy I used the lesson from the homemakers mentor. I have a link on my blog wonderful ladies and awesome lessons.
For the peaches I used The Busy Person's guide to preserving. Now the peaches were a little more challenging but still great. I made blackberry jam and raspberry jam. We also froze berries for smoothies and baking. And we still have peaches that are delicious and ripe. H-Shem's season and timing is so perfect. It was wonderful to store up the harvest. I did it on a small scale but look forward to doing it next year on a large scale. The jars look beautiful.

My daughter took the pictures, we definitely need a better camera.

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