Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can we be compassionate sincerly???


Today I spent some time speaking with a single mom. And our lives being different made me think. How often do we genuinely understand and or show empathy for others??? I mean she is single and I am married. I am a stay at home mother, she must work. What kind of instrument of HaShem are we being??? Are we kind and warm to others although we are different? Or do we have the tendency to be condescending to people who's lives are different. Are we always busying interjecting our life philosophies and the how we do it. Not all our experiences are alike and I am not where I used to be. While listening to this mom, I prayed HaShem help me to see it through their eyes. To extend grace to others. And be mindful of pride and arrogance. What is your behavior like when around people who are different? Do you remember where you came from? Do you know that while you may view your life pretty okay and there is significant change others can clearly see the imperfections!!!! Who are we kidding!!!! I will be the first to say I am a work in progress. I grind my own grains now, we still struggle with soda!!!! Yikes!!! I take the natural approach to health and medicine, but sometimes I take NyQuil. And yes I know what it does. I am on my way!!! You may not grind and may never but I got love for ya!!
I do want to tell you all the wonderful things HaShem has done in my life. And the equal or even more amount of pain there has been. But I pray for the balance of both with out compromise. Is there a right and wrong way yes! Is there gray? Yes! Is it easy nooooo!!!!
I guess I just can now see that at times we all have good intentions. But things don't always turn out the way we expect. This person needed to hear, Well done!!!! You have done what you can with what you have. Your okay and your going to be okay!!!! No it's not perfect, but you have given your best~~~
How dare we judge or stick in what shoulda been done!!! I pray we extend kindness as well as we would hope to receive when we are down. So before we let it loose let's take a moment to look at our own lives. Some of us are good at making it look good!! Some of us let it all hang out!! I pray we learn the balance of transparency so that all can bring honor to HaShem.

Transparently Angelique

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