Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pressure Canning Class

Overcoming the fear of pressure canning was the name of the class. Held by the Penn State Cooperative extension of Lancaster county. It was fantastic and very informative!!!!

Here are my notes;

+ You can put two rows of pints in a pressure canner. Just need to make sure you don't put the jars on top of each other. Put them between two cans.
+Put more than 2/3 of water if processing for long.
+Processing begins when the gauge reaches the recommended temp.
+Do not store cans with rings on.
+Label each batch i.e. date 7/15/08-1, 7/15/08-2 to help if a batch goes wrong.
+Make sure recipes are researched tested.
+Let lids set in hot water for 15 min. to ensure good seal.
+Do not use lids again, only rings are re-usable! (I didn't know that)
+After processing and gauge reaches o let sit for 10 min. with lid off.
+2 tbsp. of vinegar to help if you have hard water.
+Allow steam to come out for ten minutes before processing time.

Recommended resources:
Ball Blue Book-any edition from 1994 and up.

My daughter and I went we had a good time. Mrs.Zepp canned green beans. I look forward to when I do buy a pressure canner I will be ready.
I also asked Mrs. Zepp about canning beans as a Puertorican I have my own way of making beans and would love to can them for my dearest husband. He deserves to have his beans available at all times.

Transparently Angelique SHALOM ALECHIEM!!!

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  1. Tell us about what you learned about canning beans!! I want to do that too.


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